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Handy Tips to Get Free Perfume Samples - Smell Great on a Budget

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Everyone wants to smell great, so the opportunity to obtain free perfume samples is one that’s not to be missed! From exclusive designer perfumes for those occasions when you need to impress to pleasant everyday scents to add a touch of fresh fragrance to your grooming routine, free perfume samples by mail are indulgences everyone can benefit from. If you fancy getting your hands on some freebies, follow these top tips to maximise your chances of a highly fragrances future!

Read the glossies

High-end women’s magazines and their related websites are common media through which perfume manufacturers promote their goods.

Particularly if you’re after free perfume samples UK wide which are from well-known brands, these are great places to start searching.

Applying for the sample is usually straight-forward; fill in the paper coupon in a magazine (or follow the web link which is almost certainly given as an alternative) with your details then sit back and wait for your samples to arrive!

Manufacturer’s websites

These frequently advertise free perfume samples, particularly when they’re launching a new fragrance or before major occasions such as Christmas, when they anticipate high sales.

If they have a mailing list, make sure you’re on it! Manufacturers frequently send out notice of free samples to their database of interested consumers, allowing you to get in their first with your request!

Some determined free perfume sample enthusiasts find that writing to the manufacturers to (politely) request free samples can also yield positive results.

Freebie Websites

There are a number of specialist websites which are a collecting point for free offers for a wide range of products. Normally contributions come from eagle-eyed freebie hunters, who share any free opportunities they discover.

Check these sites regularly to find information on the free perfume samples by mail, as well as the chance to pick up a great selection of other spectacular free goods.

Not only will you find plenty of information for online perfume requests, but if people find free perfume samples being offered at supermarkets or with other purchase, they’re also likely to post them on the site, increasing your chances of snapping up a fine fragrance for free.

Free perfume samples are a fantastic way of ensuring you always smell amazing, as well as providing genuine assistance in determining which fragranceswork bestfor you. By making use of a range of different websites as well as looking for product offers in chemists, supermarkets and department stores, it’s often possible to amass a tempting array of wonderful perfumes for absolutely nothing. Why not give it a go and give your personal appeal a free, fragrant boost?

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Ways to Get Free Perfume Samples You Don't Know About

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Who doesn’t like freebies?? Everyone knows the thrill and excitement of receiving one and know something that has just reached the market is an icing on the cake. There are a lot of companies that are happy to provide free perfume samplesto prospective customers as a part of their friendly sales promotion and launch strategy. But, we shy away from trying to respond to these offers just because we are skeptical or maybe sometimes just lazy.

A little change in your habits and you will be able to get ample of such samples that would be enough for you to start your own perfume library.

Be attentive of what new is coming to the market


  1. Be a frequent on those perfume stores even when you don’t make a purchase each time.
  2. Flip those magazines and read the reviews of the new products.
  3. Always keep an update about your favorite brand and its product launch.
  4. This information will help you to become aware of all the products that are promoted.

With the promotion, you will get enough information about getting the free perfume sample by mail. Companies as a part of their promotion provide these samples to long and distant customers to check whether there is a market for the product apart from their regular stores. If you have that potential, then within no time your free sample will reach you.

The advantages of having these sample bottles along

The samples that are provided by the companies are of great use. They allow you to try them on and know how you feel about them before you have to make a massive purchase, or even before you are sure that you actually like the fragrance. The free perfume samples UK gives the users enough time to try the new product, allow them to get used to the fragrances and when they are fully satisfied make an informed purchase.

Another added advantage of these sample perfumes is the ease of use and convenience of carrying. The huge perfumes bottles are always to be packed in the luggage and are also prone to damages. The small samples are easy to carry around and convenient to use as they find a place easily in your carry bag or purse. Along with this, more than a few bottles of samples can be carried around on holidays so that you smell new and fresh each day of vacation.


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